Save the world while collecting beer with your spaceship


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Anderafin is a fun spaceship game where you have to save the world with beer.

Blast off in your spaceship and start navigating through the 20 levels that Anderafin offers, picking up as many coins as you can while also collecting pints of beer floating in the atmosphere of the planet Anderafin, making it more habitable. This is an action game of skill with RPG overtones where you need to improve the stats of your vehicle in order to survive the hordes of enemies looking for a fight.

Gameplay in Anderafin is simple: your spaceship can't shoot, so the only way to survive is by learning the patterns of the monsters ravaging the planet. Collect coins so you can improve your spaceship and its navigation abilities, and try to get six beers to beat the levels. The controls are precise, the movement of every element in this game is fluid, and the charm of this little universe makes Anderafin a fun and demanding game. A must-have for any gamer.
By Erika Okumura